Download Free GTA Vice City APK [OBB/Data Compress Files 2023]

GTA Vice City APK is one of the most famous games from the GTA series. The game was at first evolved as a PS game.  But now you can play it on Android mobile as well. The game has an enormous open world that provides you with the opportunity to decide to do anything and move anywhere.

What is GTA Vice City APK And How to play it?

GTA Vice City APK allows users the opportunity to live their life in a virtual world of games. They can drive as quickly as could be expected, finish missions, get various vehicles, battle, and much more. There is a tremendous guide given for players, so you can investigate various regions in the game.

The game has a lot of invigorating elements that keep players connected to the game for quite a while. Also, here are the elements that make it one of the most incredible games for Android and IOS devices.

gta vice city apk

In the game GTA Vice City Android, people live in a city according to the rules and regulations. Be that as it may, there are no regulations for the main characters of the game. The main hero of the game is Tommy Vercetti – a person who is just let out of jail. To gain cash and gain appreciation, he starts to complete requests from compelling specialists, simultaneously not declining to perform side tasks.

GTA Vice City Stories is the 6th and last game in the 3D Universe of the GTA series. Initially delivered as a selective game for the PlayStation Portable, it was subsequently delivered on the PlayStation 2 control center due to its great success.



During the completion of missions, you can break the law, and prepare for the way that the police will be eye on you.  In the event that you go to prison, to be released, you will require a sum a few times in excess of a standard payoff, and the mission finished at the hour of jail time will not be counted. All characters, vehicle models, individuals, and designs are in great work.

Take any vehicle you like and drive through the city roads or investigate the amazingly gorgeous city by walking. In the game GTA Vice City APK, any kind of transport is accessible for traveling including airplanes and a few sorts of weapons.

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Features of GTA Vice City APK


GTA Vice City Mobile Offers a variety of vehicles to users. Here players can enjoy buses, cars including sports cars, emergency cars, utility cars, sedan cars, bikes, boats, and scooters. GTA Vice City has more than 100 different vehicles to explore the game.


There are various kinds of weapons available in the game. Players can prepare them by buying them from ammo (weapon shop). There are Skirmish Weapons, Tossed Weapons, Shotguns, Handguns, Submachine Firearms, Attack Rifles, Sharpshooter Rifles, and so on. Furthermore, there are heavy Weapons and Unique weapons like M60, Rocket Launcher, Detonator, and so on.

Missions And Challenges

Many exciting and difficult missions are in front of you. The game has 20 Story Missions, 9 Resource Missions, 1 Compensation Telephone Mission, and different missions like Bad Habit Road Racer mission, Hyman Remembrance Arena Mission, Sparrow Mission, Rough terrain Missions, and Remote Controlled Vehicle Missions. Furthermore, there are side missions like Pizza Missions, Fireman missions, Cabbie missions, Burglaries missions, and so on.

Large Open Area

Players can move in the large open area for free. The game incorporates an enormous guide for players. They can move anywhere and do anything: drive, battle, shoot, complete missions, side missions, and so forth.

Sound and Graphics

The game has 3D graphics with excellent sound. Not only this the game looks like we play in the real world. The sound in the background put some extra effort into the game. As soon as you go deep inside the game you become addicted to it. You want to play it day and night without taking any breaks. The game is truly addictive.

Opportunity to do anything

The game gives you full command over your activities; you are allowed to do anything. Finishing just missions isn’t required. Also, it will continuously be your decision regardless of whether to finish missions. You can wander in the city, drive vehicles, and take side missions.

Safehouses and Properties

Like in GTA 3, you have safehouses where you can save progress, change furnishes and prepare weapons. In any case, there are additionally different various properties that can be bought. This capability is a safehouse yet in addition consider putting away vehicles in the carport.

Radio Stations

There are nine radio broadcasts in GTA Vice City, yet with substantially more authorized music than previous versions. You have Streak FM with popular music like Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean; Iron Ladies 2 Minutes to 12 PM on V-Rock; and Fever 105 with tracks like Summer Frenzy by Kool. Not only this but an MP3 player is also provided to the players.

How To Free Download GTA Vice City APK On Android Mobile Phones?

You can install GTA Vice City by following some common steps given below:

  • Always remember to Enable the Unknown Sources of your Mobile Phones before Downloading or installing any APK file.
  • You can do it from the Settings of Your Android Mobile Phone.
  • Now go to Google and search for GTA Vice City APK.
  • Click the Download option and wait for it to be complete.
  • Now go to the File Manager of your Mobile, search for the related file, and click it to start the Installation process.
  • It will take 2 to 3 minutes and the game is now ready to play.



So, that was about the GTA Vice City game for Android. Above, you read about the main features of the game, because of these features, the game becomes most exciting and interesting. The game offers plenty of vehicles, weapons, and missions to its users. Just enter the game and enjoy yourself with an excellent gaming experience.

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