GTA San Andreas APK – Download Mod APK – OBB/Data Files 2023

GTA San Andreas APK is one of the most famous games around the world. The gameplay is loaded with lots of interesting things including missions, vehicles, and weapons. Enjoy your game with a 3D illustration.

GTA San Andreas APK

GTA San Andreas is a 3D open-world fighting game created by Rockstar Games. The game was at first created for control centers and PCs. Seeing the immense fan following of the game, designers chose to make it enjoyable to carry cell phones. In this way, you can play the game on your Android mobile phone as well. The game became well known for its 3D illustrations, enormous open world, and boundless opportunities for its gameplay.

The game is not just limited to its missions; players can drive various vehicles unreservedly anywhere in the game’s virtual world. Play mini-games or side missions, and purchase garments, frills, food, and weapons. You can likewise purchase homes and go to the rec center, bars, clubs, hairdressers, and tattoo shops. Furthermore, there are a ton of elements that make the game so exciting and stunning.

This was the third game in the GTA series; it was first available on PlayStation 2. In the beginning, many young players will likely have no involvement in this game. It was truly an achievement when the game was delivered on the grounds that it was such a ton bigger in scale than some other open-world games at that point.

The story is sufficiently simple and follows Carl Johnson, or CJ, on his journey to turn into a mafia chief. The primary storyline alone requires as long as 30 hours to finish, and there are lots of side journeys on the route.


Features Of GTA San Andreas APK

Open World

The game has a tremendous open world where players can move anywhere for free.  There are houses, buildings, shops for garments and embellishments, Rec centers, Hairdresser and Tattoo shops, Burgers and Pizza Bistros, Bars, Weapons shops, Carports, Police headquarters, Emergency clinics, and all that you can track down in a city. Visit GTA 5 APK from here:

You can see the Guide given to players and go to various urban areas. Drive various kinds of vehicles, from cycles, bicycles, and vehicles to trucks, trains, boats, and then some.

Graphics and sounds

The appealing 3D graphics and sounds make everything in the game more attractive and amazing.  Whether you are driving, strolling out and about, battling, shooting, or doing anything, you can observe the difficult work done on each and every detail. Alongside this, the movements are additionally perfect. Individuals in the game eat, battle, walk, sit, talk, drive, and run.


GTA San Andreas offers more than 100 missions to its players. Or it may rely upon the player’s decision of when or whether they need to finish them. There are mini-games and side missions that players can take and finish to expand regard, ability, or cash.  You can further use your cash to update or customize your character, cars, and vehicles.

You can change the color, windows, wheels, and brakes of your cars. You can change your character by applying different outfits. Every one of the missions follows a story and is testing, however energizing to take.


The game permits players to drive various kinds of vehicles in the open universe of the game. Get your favorite vehicle and take it anywhere. You can ride bicycles and boats, drive vehicles, trucks, tanks, ambulances, and trains, and fly planes and helicopters. Pick the one you want.


GTA San Andreas offers plenty of Weapons to its users. You can find Hand Weapons like Knuckle reinforcements and Clench hands, Skirmish Weapons like Blade, Golf Sticks, Trimming tools, Katana, and Digging tools, and so forth; Handguns like Gun, Desert Hawk, and so on; Shotguns, Submachine firearms, Attack rifles, Rifles, Cogwheels, Weighty weapons like flamethrowers, rocket launcher, and so on.

Some mini-games 

There are some mini-games accessible for players. Thus, if you would rather unfinished missions or need to have some time off, mini-games, and side missions are for you. You can play b-ball, pool games, billiards, golf, and so on. Or on the other hand, you can take the race challenge, Lowrider challenge, taxi driver mission, emergency vehicle mission, or Cop mission, and that’s just the beginning.

How to Download GTA San Andreas APK for Android Mobiles?

You can install GTA San Andreas APK on your Android mobile phone with the help of the guide given below:

  • Always keep in mind to Enable the Unknown Sources of your Mobile Phones before you start downloading.
  • You can do it from the Settings of Your Android Mobile Phone.
  • Now go to Google and search for GTA San Andreas APK Click the Download option and wait until downloads are completed.
  • Now go to the File Manager of your Mobile, search for the file with the name GTA San Andreas APK, and click it to start the Installation process.
  • It will take 2 to 3 minutes and the game is now ready to play.

Is it safe to play GTA San Andreas APK on Android phones?

  • Yes 100% safe to play GTA San Andreas APK on your Android or IOS devices. The game was well-tested by the developers before it launched. There is no error or virus attached to the game.
  • But when you download or play games using the internet it may cause some sort of virus as malware. In order to get rid of these viruses you have to do one thing. Enable the Unknown sources from the Setting of your mobile phone as it helps you to protect your personal stuff from being hacked or leaked.


Thus, that was about GTA San Andreas for Android. Regardless of which game you like the most, GTA San Andreas will give you every one of the flavors. Battle, Shoot, Race, Pursue, Drive, Fly, Complete missions, or sit idle, all rely upon your decision. The game is extremely addictive giving you an exciting and thrilling game experience.  You can download the APK + OBB easily from any site and enjoy your game.

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