Download GTA 7 APK – Data/OBB Files 2023 [Mobile Devices]

GTA 7 APK is an online video game that is available for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, Play stations, and Android phones as well.


The new upcoming game in the Grand Theft Auto series is GTA 7. It is an interesting video game with lots of adventure things to do. The game was launched in October, 25th of 2007. GTA 7 is now available on Microsoft Windows, Play stations, and mobile phones as well. It was developed and launched by Rockstar Games and GTA 7 becomes the 36th game of the series.

The overall purpose of GTA 7 is to explore the streets with an amazing atmosphere and exciting features. The main reason behind its popularity is its unlimited weapons, such as motorcycles, helicopters and vehicles with updated features. All the features in GTA 7 are 100% in working condition.


gta 7 apk

What is the release date of GTA 7 APK?

GTA 7 will be released in the coming 6 to 7 years. There is no specific date mentioned for the release of GTA 7.

Gameplay of the GTA 7 APK

The overall gameplay of the GTA 7 APK has been improved altogether. The game offers an exciting storyline and various missions to finish. The game likewise incorporates many weapons, vehicles, and things to make the ongoing interaction really enjoyable.

You should logically become used to weapons prior to playing GTA 7 portable APK. You should likewise take part in road dashing with the fastest vehicles. Tommy will be influenced quite a bit as you participate in various exercises, including selling white products, looting vehicles, keeping prisoners, sidestepping the police, and paying opponents.

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Features of GTA 7 APK


The overall mission of GTA 7 is to take part in missions, use your weapons, kill enemies, steal important stuff, and come back to your home. In each coming mission, players will have to face more difficulties and exciting challenges. The missions in GTA 7 are categorized from easy to tough. Easy missions include jumping off cliffs and use of airplanes. Whereas tough missions may include the use of weapons and how to fight against enemies and win.

Map Size Will be Beyond Two times Greater Than GTA 5

The map size of GTA 7 will be bigger than its previous versions such as GTA 5. In GTA 5 the overall map size is 1700 hectares while in  GTA 7 the map size is twice as 3400 hectares.

GTA 7 Provides an open-world sandbox

GTA 7 provides an open-world sandbox game that offers players to roam the gameplay freely. As the game is not yet described in full detail, so we are not able to tell you how the gameplay moves on like other Grand Theft Auto series. Rockstar has proposed that their methodology in the upcoming games will be like that of their previous versions. Rockstar says this is on the grounds that GTA 7 “isn’t simply a game.”

Multiplayer game mode

GTA 7 allows players to play in a multiplayer mode, where users can play in a group of 4 members. This multiplayer mode also allows 40 players to move between different cities and islands at the same time. These cities must contain huge playgrounds that were ever made by rock stars. You can add your friends from all over the world to play with you. Even you can also add your siblings and cousins to your group of 4 members.

Easy to Customise

With the use of this feature, players can customize their own characters, vehicles, and weapons. The coins and money they win from the mission help them to update their character to the strong one. They can make their vehicles faster and more speedy by customizing them.

Graphics and sounds

The Developers of GTA 7 focused more on the graphics as compared to the previous versions of the game. They mentioned that GTA 7 contains high-level graphics and sounds like other games in the Grand Theft Auto series. They also added some advanced features such as TGI and PBR, Real-time Global Illumination, and Physically Based Rendering respectively.

How to download GTA 7 APK on Your Mobile Phones and Windows?

Download on Mobile phones:

  • First of all your mobile phones must be of 5 versions or more, with more than 150 MB of space free to use.
  • The second step is to go to Google and search for the latest version of GTA 7. Now choose the download button and wait for it to complete.
  • Now enable the unknown sources from the setting of your mobile phones.
  • Open the File Manager on your mobile phone and search for the file with the name GTA 7 APK. Click it to start the installation process.
  • It will take 3 to 4 minutes.
  • Now the game is ready to play.

Download on windows

Downloading on Windows is too much easy

  • Just go to Google and search for GTA 7 for PC, click the download button
  • Wait until the download is completed.
  • After this your computer will ask permission to change the setting of the game click yes.
  • The installation process starts and takes a few seconds.
  • The game is now ready to play on your PC.

Is there any threat of playing GTA 7?

To be honest there’s a little bit of a threat of playing any game on your mobile phone as the source(internet) you used to download the game is loaded with viruses including malware. As far as the safety of GTA 7 exists the game is 100% safe to play because it was well-searched by the developer before its launch.

The only solution to get rid of this malware attack is to enable unknown sources from your mobile phones. It will surely help you in the safety of your personal stuff.


GTA 7 APK is the new edition in the Grand Theft Auto series, with its unlimited weapons and vehicles players are now able to move freely in the game. You can enjoy exciting missions and rewards within GTA 7.

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